Stanford Chaparral

As answered by Mrs. McCutcheon’s fourth grade class
Washington Elementary, Pittsburg, PA

When two people fall in love, the storke comes and brings them a special delivery.
—Andrew McDaniel, age 8

A box.
—Allison Hemp, age 8

Desperation, technology, and cold hard cash.
—James Collins, age 8

The bottom of a bottle.
—Phillip Stewart, age 37

Sheer human vanity.
—Lao Ping, age 8

An advantageous coupling of two members of complementary gender and race.
—Hans Eichmann, age 9

I saw a picture of my little brother in my mommy. He looked like he came from the pond behind our house. I wonder why Mommy made genital jam with a frog.
—James Ericson, age 8

A sack.
—Amanda Lawrence, age 9

Papist tomfoolery.
—Maria Gratiaplena, age 8

Motherfucking romance.
—Susie Chen, age 7

Cuervo Nation.
—Bobby Williams, age 8

A sack in a box.
—Alex Jochs, age 8