Stanford Chaparral

Special Condescending Advice Section

June is the month of Dads ’n Grads

Do you have a father? Don’t forget Father’s day. Did your siblings make it to secondary school or higher education? Please do not forget to buy them something.

May is the month of Moms ’n Toms

Did you forget Mother’s Day? It’s never too late. Did your brother Tom just graduate from high school, or is it his birthday? Make sure you get him a greeting card.

February is the month of MLK ’n JFK

Just because it’s the month of dead American heroes doesn’t mean you can’t have a festive barbecue with your neighbors.

January is the month of Miles ’n Tiles

January is generally recognized as the month for long distance relationships and much-needed bath renovations. Now is the time to buy a cell phone, whether it’s for calling your lover...or the plumber!

March is the month of Cats ’n Frats

March is the month for the classic battle of the sexes—CatFrat style! Show your feline/fraternal acquaintance where you stand in the big world of gift giving by purchasing a present