Stanford Chaparral

"My little Taylor just loves the wings on New Pampers Ultra with Wings."

"Jason is really active, and doesn't always have time to stop and change his diaper, so Pampers Ultra Scented To Go are perfect."

"Bradley is just one of those boys who has really heavy flow. So Ultra Thin just wasn't the diaper for him. But we wanted to stay with Pampers after they had worked so well for his sister, so we did a little bit of testing, and found that the Stayfree Deoderant with Four Wall Protection was just what we needed."

"Kaylee was really shy to begin with, and even more so after the incident on her Nana's white couch. But now she's as free and confident as her Pampers Contours with Wings. If a diaper has a positive attitude, this is it."

"Thank you Jesus and Pampers for the Flushable Applicator Combo-Pack."

"It's really convenient. Protection and discretion that fits almost anywhere, even into my tiny beaded evening purse."

"It was the first day of Montessori, and Chloe insisted on wearing her favorite pair of pants, nice and tight and white, just they way she likes them. Thanks to Pampers Utlra Thin All-Days with Breathability Pockets, I had her at school on time with a bright smile and pants to match."