Stanford Chaparral

For new freshmen, these first few weeks can be a very stressful time. Which classes should I take? What should I do with my life? Do I just want a well-paying job, or do I want to sacrifice money to do something I love? Do I want an office job, or a job that does not take place in an office? We though that the new freshmen might find it useful to see what some older students had to say.

"I'd never, ever take an office job, man. I'm going to do something that won't force me to work in some stuffy artificial office somewhere."
—Michael Ames, '03

"I would rather die than take an office job. I don't need money or fancy things to make me happy. Simple pleasures, dude, simple pleasures. Simple, enormous hunks of solid gold."
—Nolan Convery, '03

"Yeah, I can sympathize with all those guys who say that office jobs aren't for them. Money is definitely not my first priority, either. What is my first priority? Hmmm. That would probably have to be gold. I'm not in it for the money, I just want a few huge hunks of gold."
—Jon Markowitz, '03

"I would say that I'm more the bohemian type, you know, starving artist, something like that. I could see myself in Greenwich Village or the Mission District, maybe even Austin or Boulder. You know, anywhere I can get some humongous hunks of gold."
—Sophia Nadel, '04

"Take an office job? Ha! No way, Jose. There's no yuppie life in my future, no sir. I'm just going to grab my backpack and my journal and travel around the world for a while. How long? However long I need to, man. Until my beard is down to my knees and my skin is rough and leathery and a deep chestnut brown. Or at least until I come across some gigantic hunks of gold."
—David Croke, '02

"Are you fucking kidding me? Give me some giant fucking hunks of gold!"
—Brett Lurman, '02