Stanford Chaparral

Okay children, settle down. Today we will be learning about Aztec gods. Can anyone tell me what they know about Aztec gods? Maybe from the coloring pack from last night? Don't be shy. No? Well, that's okay. When I was in Kindergarten WE certainly didn't know about the Aztecs.

Cihuacoatl? Is that an Aztec god? Yes, she is a goddess whose roaring signaled war. Did you all know that?

Metztli? You're right! Metztli was the Moon god. Did you kids just guess? No? I don't quite believe you.

Chicolan? You all think this one is an Aztec god? Lets see a show of hands. All of you that didn't raise your hands are CORRECT! Yay you!

Tonacatecuhtli? Do you recognize this one? Maybe from your worksheets? You might have colored him in last night on your activity pad? No Timmy, I didn't make this one up. What, Suzanne? Very good! This god was the creator and provider of food.

Axolotl? You all have heard of this before? Yeah, it does sound like a Nahuatl word, doesn't it? Good job, Bret! Well, actually, an axolotl is a fish, not an Aztec god. Oh Bret, don't cry. You knew about Nahuatl.

Huixtotec? Well, just because it ends in 'tec' doesn't mean it has to be an Aztec word, Amanda. I might have made it up, you know. You think I DID make it up? Very good!

Tlalocan? No one recognizes Tlalocan from the funbook? I'm sure you all saw something like it? Well James, Tlaloc is the rain god, but do you have any ideas on Tlalocan? That's right class, Tlalocan wasn't a GOD. Tlalocan was where the souls of those killed by lightning, dropsy, skin diseases, and those sacrificed to Tlaloc went.