Stanford Chaparral

Not long ago yogurt came in one flavor and you could only eat it with a wooden spoon. Today we celebrate the vision and spirit of innovation that has made yogurt products among the most diverse and entertaining in the world.

Frozen Yogurt

The first yogurt to taste like something more delicious than yogurt.

Yoplait Pizza Yogurt

The first yogurt to taste like pizza.

Yoplait Edible Pizza Yogurt

The first yogurt to taste like pizza that you can eat.

Dannon's Toys-on-the-Bottom

The first yogurt to include real toys in the bottom.

Dannon's Toys-on-the-Bottom Lite

All the bar-b-cue dinosaur toys you love with only half the calories.

Dannon's Bar-B-Cue Dinosaur Toys Lite

A new world of possiblities for the toy-loving, calorie-conscious consumer.


The yogurt that you eat with your hands.

Ultra 'Gurt

The yogurt where you use your hands to smear it in your eyes.

Ultra 'Gurt for Kids

The yogurt where it's fun to smear it in your eyes.

What does the future have in store for yogurt? Kids are sure to flip out for GoYurt, the first upside-down yogurt. And fork lovers, rejoice! Because GoYurt is upside down, you can eat it with a fork! And Nogurt, the first yogurt you actually hate, is expected to be a big hit with people who don't like yogurt.