Stanford Chaparral

A split end, simply a strand of hair that has split from lack of care. But take a look closer. Chances are that you have an odd number of hairs on your head, and that after splitting up the rest evenly between themselves, two lice have decided to split the final hair right down the middle, fair and square.

A cute and friendly dog, but upon closer inspection you see that it is in fact a horribly disfigured swine.

A friendly beer pong tournament, but take a closer look and you see a pathetic struggle to make up for social ineptitude.

A purely altruistic act. But take a closer look and you see that this soup-kitchen volunteer is acting on selfish motives. There is nothing Mrs. Worthington enjoys more than cooking a good meal for grateful people and she is merely trying to boost her fragile ego.

Corduroys. Your boyfriend’s nice tan corduroys are in fact extremely wrinkled khakis. Yuk!

An insomniac, a poor soul who lays in bed all night fruitlessly searching for the comforts of sleep. But if you take a closer look, you see a terrible and lazy fool, who should be at his computer being productive, making the most of his affliction.

A corpse, but take a closer look and you see that death’s beautiful victory is actually just a breeding ground for life’s disgusting return.