Stanford Chaparral

A Dark Legacy of Racist Suppression


The Confederate Navy builds the first submarine. It is used to delay the inevitable Union victory for almost 18 months, thereby extending slavery as an American institution for another 300,000,000 man-hours. After the war, the submarine is embronzed and becomes an emblem for the large-scale subjugation of millions of Americans.

1865 through 1913

Humankind lives in peace and harmony, with every waking hour spent celebrating the eternal defeat of the submarine. Regardless of race, religion or creed, all men are at last considered equal. Popular satirist Mark Twain proclaims, "What man could cause discord who knows that it is only fish that are in the ocean? ... For hate is made of metal and it no longer swims among us."


Racist German historians revive the idea of an underwater white-supremacist vehicle and begin using it to initiate a dialogue of race-based nationalism.


Adolf Hitler, a popular submarine commander during World War I, begins a secret German program to revitalize the Aryan submarine movement. Over the next ten years, submarines become an integral part of the fascist subculture. Local youths are organized into "undervasser clubs" to prepare them for life under the sea, and indoctrinate them with hate for non-submarine faring races.


The launch of the first satellite orbiter makes submarines obsolete as a form of misinformed racist conversation.