Stanford Chaparral


Who He Was: The guy who always told you he was moved by artwork but never explained why.
Who He Is Now: "I'm a doctor now, so I finally have what I always wanted, which is a Picasso. Something about his forms—I don't know—it's so...intense, you know? And T.S. Eliot. Wow. It's pretty incredible. The Wasteland. I also really like jazz."


Who He Was: Good with computers. Expects to be a billionaire.
Who He Is Now: Is a billionaire. Loves to describe how much money that is: "Okay, if you had a billion apples for every dollar, and then if you made apple sauce out of all billion apples, and then covered the whole world in apple sauce, like an inch thick, then you could use the leftovers to feed everyone in Russia and still have enough that if you sold the apple sauce and used that money to buy root beer, almost everyone could take a bath in root beer for over two weeks and there'd still be enough to..."


Who She Was: Cared about the environment. "People shouldn't cut down trees."
Who She Is Now: Doesn't care about the environment: "People should cut down trees."