Stanford Chaparral

The Car Trip

9-5 guy: Alright, it's 9am. Time to go.

Wife: Sure honey, let me just get the kids.

[8 hours later]

9-5 guy: Ok, 5 pm, time to get out.

Wife: But we are in the middle of a freeway. We're still an hour out of Spokane.

9-5 guy: It's 5pm. Time to get out and camp.

Kids: But where will we sleep?

9-5 guy: In these tents. The shoulder is softer than the road. Be glad we pulled over toward the side of the road before 5pm.

Soccer Practice

Wife: [calling husband at work]

9-5 guy: What time?

Wife: 3:30.

9-5 guy: 3:30? Are you joking?

Wife: No.

9-5: I finish work at 5. I'll pick her up at 5.



9-5 guy: Shower? What? When? I gotta be there at 9! Saturday Night at The Movies

Wife: Hon, I got us tickets for the 9pm showing.

9-5 guy: I really can't believe you would get tickets at that time.

Wife: Why? It's Saturday night, you don't have work tomorrow.

9-5 guy: Where do you think the 9 in 9-5 comes from? You want me to shirk responsibility? 9 is 9 and you better believe it.

At Work

Bill: [9-5 guy's boss, calling at 7:45am]

9-5 guy: Sure thing Bill. Be there at 9.

At Work, Again

Bill: [4:56pm]

9-5 guy: No. I have to get ready to leave.