Stanford Chaparral

The same innovators that brought you GOOBERS PB&J are proud to announce these exciting new hybrid food products:

GreySpice: The two most sacred flavors of the Indochine region: refined desert salt and crushed black pepper. Now available in one simple packet.

Hot ‘n Easy Sauce: Plagued by heart burn, but absolutely love chicken wings, Jersey juice, and other hot sauce concoctions? Hot ‘n Easy combines red hot chili sauce and a potent mint-flavored antacid.

Hot ‘n Easy Express: In a hurry to get your Hot ‘n Easy fix? Just crush up these hot sauce flavored antacid tablets into your favorite condiment or sauce.

FastAle: Do you get moderately intoxicated, then drink water before going to bed to prevent a hangover? Why not combine the two? This perfect mix of premium Oregon lager and California spring water is full-flavored, intoxicating and packed with hydration.

Shampoo and Conditioner: Our engineers tried to combine hair shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner agent, but it just couldn’t be done. Buy these separate products in a convenient double pack.

GarbageSauce: What do you get when you combine classic yellow mustard and chocolate syrup? The resulting flavor is more dynamic and sophisticated than you might imagine.