Stanford Chaparral

Mental illnesses
Take about thirty minutes
To emerge full-blown

It's time for a drink
Mad Dog on a Greyhound bus
Makes life bearable

There's no booze allowed
What are we going to do?
Drink red 7-Up

Forty in a sack
Alley reeking of urine
Greyhound breakfast stop

Once fought an injun
He gave me a turquoise ring
Now I drive a bus

It's now 2:15
Booze stores are closed, what to do?
Just cross the state line.

Condensed Campbell's soup
Eaten cold, out of the can
Cheapest meal I've had

Hey, nice computer
I use one like that at school
Before I...flunked out

I'm a bus driver
Alive, and seeing the world
Oh God, please kill me.

Hooker in Reno
Engagement to a woman
Hmmm...what will I choose?

I hate the Midwest
Got to California?
I still won't fit in.

Where's Palo Alto?
Sorry son, you're in Gilroy
Jesus I'm so drunk