Stanford Chaparral


Girlfriend, you broke my heart.
I took you out in my car,
and you decided to stop seeing me.
You killed the flower that is my love.
You hummie himmie swizzie swuv.

I'll tell you something, girlfriend.
The next time you call me
from your tel-e-phone,
and threaten me with other men,
I'm going to tell you what a pig you are.
And then I'm going to tell all my friends
about the weird things you let me try with you.
And I'm going to make shit up, too.

You are a very intriguing creature
The way you prance around with animal energy
Your smile has never looked so wild
I smell your womanhood a mile away
Turn your loveliness this way, you restless beauty
Explode the sun with your haunting love call
I don't care what the others say
I don't care if my girlfriend is not human.

who has seen a baby cry
who has seen a lion prance
who has seen a condor fly
understands romance
who has seen a fat man die
who has seen a sideways glance
who has seen a paper pie
dance along a metal turd.