Stanford Chaparral

Sometimes it seems like the people running this county are a little behind the times. Want to know what I mean? Check out some of strange and absurd laws recently passed dealing with new technology.

You can be put in jail for 10 years for pouring sugar in the President's computer.

It's okay to make a copy of a CD that you own, but it's illegal to strap it to a stick of dynamite and send it to the President.

You can take a picture of a cake, but it's illegal to post the picture on the web unless the cake was made by your mother or was meant to be eaten by the President

You can only eat a hamburger once on the internet unless you are the President.

You can only download copyrighted images for the express use of not assassinating the President.

There's no rollerblading on the Internet except when the President is asleep.

You have to have a password to listen to all of the mp3's on