Stanford Chaparral


Who found Democracy?
But who kept it?
The Germans.
Case in point.

Bark, bark!
Search dogs do not get to keep the illegals drugs they find.
Sorry boy.

Dinosaurs found Planet Earth, but they did not keep it.
The Germans did.

Ew, nasty!
As a rule, surgeons almost never hold on to growths they find in patients.


Weep away? More like "strum away!"
This lady doesn't mind that she lost her pick.
Play Stairway to Heaven!

Look, y'all, this guy went to Taft Boarding School! Eminem loses hisself in the music, the moment, and you know he ain't crying bout it.

Halle Berry weeps, and we all know she didn't LOSE this Oscar for half-black people everywhere.

Nice to meetcha!
Ben Hampton does not mourn the fact that he recently lost his virginity.