Stanford Chaparral


Thrasymachus: Some citizens in the city have been talking about weapons as if you had no weapons, Dr. Dre.

Dr. Dre: I see. Well, did you think that I had sold all of my weapons?

Thrasymachus: I say, Dr. Dre, that I do not see any weapons on your person at the moment.

Dr. Dre: If I had such weapons, do you, dear Thrasymachus, think that I would have such weapons on my person all of the time?

Thrasymachus: No, I suppose not.

Dr. Dre: When, citizen Thrasymachus, do you think I would have such weapons on my person?

Thrasymachus: When you were readying for battle, Dr. Dre.

Dr. Dre: Yes, when readying for battle. Am I currently readying for battle?

Thrasymachus: No, it appears that you are not readying for battle right now.

Dr. Dre: So, Thrasymachus, do you believe that I shall never again engage in any battles?

Thrasymachus: I would presume that you will most likely battle again, Dr. Dre.

Dr. Dre: If you know that I do not currently ready for battle, and if you grant that I would only have weapons on my person if I were readying for battle, and if you grant that I will once again battle in the future, then how can you and other citizens claim that I have no more weapons? Again, I ask: what you think I sold all of my weapons?

Thrasymachus: No, Dr. Dre, it seems that you have not, in fact, sold all of your weapons.



Adeimantus: I know not of whom you speak, Eminem. Who is this "Dr. Dre" mortal citizen?

Eminem: Adeimantus, I know that you remember our fellow citizen and doctor, Dre. Who, Adeimantus, do you think taught you to smoke trees?

Adeimantus: ...

Eminem: You answer not, Adeimantus, so I repeat my inquiry in a different form. Who, dear sir Adeimantus, brought you the oldies? Eazy-Es? Ice Cubes? and D.O.C.s? And, perhaps most importantly for our fair republic, the Snoop D-O-Double-Gs? What mortal man did such things for our state?

Adeimantus: I cannot recall the name of the mortal citizen that did such triumphant things for our state.

[Dr. Dre enters.]

Dr. Dre: You do not remember me, dear Adeimantus? I am that virtuous citizen who still has eros for our republic's fine streets. In addition, I still have no such eros for police. Surely if you possess a rational and critical mind, you have not forgotten me, the D-R-E.

Adeimantus: I can no longer argue. I have been telling falsehoods and practicing the sly deceit of rhetoric; I do, after all, remember you, great and virtuous citizen Dr. Dre.