Stanford Chaparral

PART I - A Conversation

[at the public library]
Jim: Hi, Dan. What are you doing here this early in the morning?

Dan: Oh, hi Jim. Just doing some reading. I'm getting interested in entomology.

Jim: That's the study of bugs, isn't it?

Dan: Yes, it is. It's quite fascinating.

Jim: I'm getting interested in dog psychology, myself.

Dan: You don't say! That's great. [pats Jim on the back] I had no idea.

Jim: Do you know what happens if you lock a dog in a cage, and ring a bell every time you bring him some food?

Dan: He will become hungry every time he hears a bell?

Jim: No, you will be arrested.

PART II - An Awkward Situation

[in a dark warehouse]

Tony: Where can we hide this body, Fat Louie

Fat Louie: It'll be light real soon. Better go to the river.

Tony: I forgots my keys!

Fat Louie: You fuck! I curse the day Boss made you my partner.

Tony: Come on, Louie, give me a chance. I gonna get this body to the river for us.

Jim: [falls through wormhole in space-time continuum] ... no, you will be arrested.

Fat Louie: [turns to Tony] I knew I couldn't trust you, rookie! [shoots Tony]

Jim: [confused]