Stanford Chaparral

"DARE Lion here! After drugs, child abuse is one of the tough problems facing you kids today! But don't worry! The 8 Ways to Say NO will save you from abusive family members, too!"

Way 1: "Saying 'No Thanks'"

DAD: Boy, I'm a-gonna beat you with this here belt.
DARE LION: No thanks!

Way 2: "Giving a Reason or Excuse"

DAD: Son, time ta git in the beating room and git beat.
DARE LION: I'm allergic!

Way 5: "Changing the Subject"

DAD: Boy, burnin' yew with cigarettes is gonna hurt me
more than it hurts yew.
DARE LION: Let's go play video games!

Way 6: "Avoiding the Situation"

DAD: Son! Git in the shed an' stay there fer 10 days!
DARE LION: [Still at school, being cool]
DAD: Dammit!

Way 8: "Strength in Numbers"

DAD: Boy, d'ya want the bat, the wrench, or the chair?
DARE LION 2: Yeah, No!
DARE LION 3: That's right! No!
DAD: Wall, y'all git beat now.