Stanford Chaparral

He is the depraved soul that acts in a morally abhorrent manner to generate ethical situations, thereby increasing his business. However, he redeems himself by acting in an ethical manner to solve the crisis that he himself has created.

Case 1

Ethicist: I’m afraid that you’ve given birth to twins conjoined at the head. You’re going to have to choose which one you like the best.
Woman: Are you sure? I just came in here for a routine checkup.
Ethicist: There’s no time!
Woman: Lord! I’ll pick the one on the right!
Ethicist: My god, are you suggesting euthanasia?
Woman: Hey! Those babies aren’t even attached!
Ethicist: That may be true, but the fact remains that I just stopped you from killing them both.
Woman: I thought you said I had to pick only one?

Case 2

Ethicist: It looks like Tim wouldn’t have wanted to continue life support. Just take a look at this letter.
Mom: “Dear Mom and Dad. Camp is really great. I am having a good time. I never want my life to end.”
Ethicist: I think the evidence speaks for itself.
Mom: I don’t exactly understand what you’re getting at. Tim isn’t on life support.
Ethicist: Sure he is. You’re feeding him, providing him with shelter. It’s unnatural. He can’t do that by himself. So, when shall I euthanize him?
Mom: I thought we were just talking about life support.

Case 3

[Man Wakes up and finds Ethicist hovering over him with a syringe]
Man: Where am I? What’s in that syringe?
Ethicist: Poison. I’m about to euthanize you.
Man: You monster!
Ethicist: Just a second, you’re a clone that I have created. Your very existence is an affront to morality.
Man: Really?