Stanford Chaparral

The pop star on love, sex and steamy nights

1. What do you find romantic?

I find a lot of things to be romantic. A Miles Davis solo. The feel of wet sand on the toes. The smell of a bouquet of roses. I believe in the romance of the senses.

2. What types of women do you find sexy?
There’s lots of beautiful women out there. All women are sexy, really. Sexy in their minds. I’ve become aware of the eroticism of thoughts and emotions in recent years.

3. Is Christie Brinkley for sex?
Sexy, you mean? Christie’s a beautiful woman... I don’t want to get into that. We have a past, but I wish her well.

4. If you were in a sex contest with Peter Gabriel, who would win?
Peter and I are good friends; he’s an excellent artist. I’m not sure what a “sex contest” is, but I’m sure we’d both give it our best effort.

5. Would you name one of your children “Sex”?
[laughs uncomfortably] No, probably not. Maybe when I was younger. No, not then either, actually. No.

6. Would you give up your music career for a license plate with a heart on it?
I only have boats; they don’t need license plates. I like my musical career, actually.

7. How many kinds of lovemaking can you name?
Two. I mean, nine. [embarrassed pause] One.

8. Big sex or little sex?
Well, big, unless... Both? It really depends.. [clears throat]

9. Super sex or regular sex?
Super? What... [trails off]

10. Sex for one dollar or make-love for a hundred?
I don’t know what “make-love” is. Sex for a dollar sounds like a good deal... hm.

11. If virginity were to fight a boxing match with sluttiness, who would win?
I don’t really like sports. Maybe virginity.

12. Would you kill someone in a dream to have another dream in which love was made?
Yes. No. Shit.

13. If sex were personified as a beautiful woman, would you make love to it or her?
I shouldn’t have done this.

14. If making love were the worst thing in the world, would you do it all the time?
I’m just not a particularly sexual person. My agent thought I’d attract some young listeners if I talked about sex, that’s all. “How bad can it be?” he asked me.

15. Nasty sex, dirty sex or sleazy sex?
[awkward silence]