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If you keep Bear Traps in your home, you are ten times as likely to die in a bear trap related accident. 94 percent of the time, it is a child that gets caught in a bear trap, and not even a robber (or a bear!) It’s time to face facts. Bear Traps in the home do not make you safer.

Bear Trap related Deaths for 2003 (Non-Bear)

Japan: 1
England: 15
United Arab Emirates: 12
France: 24
Germany: 190

Our bear trap legislation is hopelessly out of date. Write your local congressperson, and tell them you want bear traps out of our streets, and back in the forests where they belong.

The second amendment grants us the right to bear arms, not trap bears.

Paid for by the Committee for the Preservation of Bear Paws…and Children Too.